Helping the Communities We Serve
Building a Secure Future for All

The FSP Foundation's Mission: To provide essential resources to help enrich the lives of children and families in our communities.

For over forty years, The Family Security Plan®’s products have been protecting thousands of individuals, families and friends across the country. We want to do more. We know we can do better. The FSP Foundation provides an opportunity to give back to the communities that are so important to us.

Each year, the FSP Foundation will assess the needs of the communities we serve and organize our efforts to make the biggest impact.

In 2016, we have narrowed our efforts towards education. Schools across the country are facing less funding than they did before the recession. Our goal is to provide assistance to our community classrooms so they can purchase vital items like textbooks, computers, art supplies and musical instruments.

Do you know a school or nonprofit education organization in need? Apply for a grant today!

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